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It has been a warm welcome to us in the corporate world to make ourselves as one of the key players in the market with regard to our services.

This has reference to the discussions on Implementation of SMS / MOBILE ALERTS with you by Bulk SMS & Software integration with client alerts, reminders, new product releases, announcements; service engineer alerts etc. through SMS.

We hope our services would help you in using this marvelous technology to REACH your target and create much wanted AWARENESS of the situation as and when required.


Inventive partners with cell phone carriers and enterprises to provide solutions to end consumers. It endeavors to deliver information to cell phone and other device users with the help of technologies such as SMS to deliver data to anyone, anytime, irrespective of the device or the network they use.

Inventive Web offers a virtual Internet portal to cell phone users by providing access to enterprise information and Internet content. Our Technology encompasses client applications, gateways and back end servers integrating with wireless devices such as cell phones. The server optimizes data so that it can be delivered on mobile phones in a compatible format.

Service Offerings:
Bulk SMS for Mobile Alerts to their employees, service team, clients, marketing business promotions and to all mobile users of the organization
  • Inventive will offer Bulk SMS Services through a Platform which is capable of pushing SMS to all Mobiles – ALL INDIA.
  • File SMS is an option to send the SMS to ‘n’ number of mobile numbers by uploading the mobile numbers from an Excel work book.
  • Variable SMS Customers can send the multiple SMS to multiple numbers in a single click by uploading the content and mobile numbers from Excel work book.
  • SMS API gateway is a highly useful and innovative service offered by Inventive Solutions. API stands for Application Programming Interface, an efficient way of connecting with core messaging database.
  • Inventive Web, through its SMS API services offers you a flexible and efficient way of integrating application/website and generating SMS targeted at the recipients end.
  • This facility helps you in sending multiple SMS quickly either through the software application or website. The integration process offered by Inventive Solutions is simple by means of our SMS gateway platform. Our holistic range of SMS platforms provides your business with an ideal opportunity to integrate applications and send them to multiple recipients.
  • Our SMS API platform is available in HTTP and SMPP variants.
  • Different API’s are available in our Application; Customer can send single SMS to single mobile number, Single SMS to Multiple Numbers, Multiple Messages to Multiple Numbers.
  • In our application customer can check his available Credits and DND Status through Our API.
  • Inventive Application provides a detailed delivery report which reflects the no. of SMS Campaigned, delivered, failed and reason for the same.
  • Customers has the facility of knowing their SMS delivery status through API also.
  • Inventive will provide full support in case of any technical difficulties occurred during the usage of our services.
  • Inventive will behave accordingly if any issues rose about the services offered to the client and will provide assistance
Manage Contacts:
  • Customers can create their own contact list, to send the SMS Easily.
  • Customers can create different groups based on their requirement, Can send the SMS easily to the targeted groups.
Example: A school can create the groups based on class, section, staff, etc.